Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing becomes possible where the Unseen realms meet with Nature in the real world.

My training in this field teaches me the wisdom of resonance with the subtle side of life. My practice resonates with energetic fields from individual clients, ancestors and from Nature. We all come from and belong to Nature. This is where we meet. This is where we can be repaired – the place where the real world is in constant contact with the energetic fields that surround us.


Chakra healing, cleansing and realignment

is a powerful energy healing that clears and places the chakra wheels in better alignment to create a sense of stability, mental clarity, open-heart, confidence and creativity.

Cord Cutting

enables us to sever the relationship with an individual that has become harmful or painful. By cutting the energetic cord that connects us and keeps us in negative contract, the client is released to experience a new relationship. I remove the negative bond and strengthen a positive heart-connection.


are a form of unwanted presence that occupies a vital place in our system. With the help of my Power Animal and Spirit Catchers I can remove what is not in its rightful place and heal with light energy in its place, bringing a sense of clean, healthful presence into place.

Soul Retrieval

is a delicate process of calling back a part of us that has split off due to trauma. This can happen at any age. The consequences of a part of our soul leaving are that our system can function without a sense of wholeness and happiness. As a result of trauma life can start to malfunction and illness, addictions, depression and even attempted suicide can occur. A soul retrieval reunites the soul parts and great peace can be found with a profound effect on life.

Shamanic Journey

is an opportunity to travel to discover more of your own connectedness to your Power Animals, your Soul Family and to help reconnect with Ancestral Family for added support and back up in life.

All sessions include an in-depth interview and are a combination of several healing methods, created in response to individual needs.


My Other Shamanic  Services


Death Doula

– assisting loved ones to cross in peace and with guidance. Costed on an individual basis.

Forgiveness and Money Ceremonies

These ceremonies are for letting go of what is no longer needed and which stands in the way of love and connection, and calling in what is now needed to assist life to flow at its best. Costed at £100 per hour for single person or £150 for  couples.

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