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Our family impacts us – weather our ancestors, from the past, and behind, or from our present family, we are often impacted in overwhelming ways.
From our own childhood onwards, family becomes an indelible part of our identity and offers us a sense of who we are, that often conflicts with who we want to be.
Additionally, our ancestral family continues to have a influence on our daily lives, whether we know it or not. In Family Systemic Constellations we enter a space where these questions may be addressed and held by a group who assist to bring peace to your system, holding you in the flow of love from the universal energy that creates the sacred dream of life.

From Emotional Distress to Emotional Healing

We are All… Souls having a Human experience

We are all unique and yet we have Family life, Partnerships, Children and Work in common.

No two people are the same. With each childhood we are given a unique experience of our parents (even different to siblings), then there is the country, language and culture we are born into, then of course, our ability to approach and achieve success in friendships, marriage, child-rearing and career building.

At any point this complex mix of factors can become troubling, stressful and or confusing. That is the point that Im guessing you’re at right now – searching for someone that can help guide you through some issues.

If thats the case, please have a look around this website or contact me directly to find out how I can help you.