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Come and talk. Bring the story of your life. To be listened to, witnessed, and heard are experiences we often live without. In modern life we may go unnoticed, feel unseen for who we really are, or experience not being listened to properly. This is when its important to look after yourself and find someone who is available, who is there for you 100%. Counselling and Psychotherapy are two ways to heal the wounds that have created the resonance that results in your not feeling seen.
As we talk, a beautiful flower begins to bloom inside us, a flower that is you…

From Emotional Distress to Emotional Healing

We are All… Souls having a Human experience

We are all unique and yet we have Family life, Partnerships, Children and Work in common.

No two people are the same. With each childhood we are given a unique experience of our parents (even different to siblings), then there is the country, language and culture we are born into, then of course, our ability to approach and achieve success in friendships, marriage, child-rearing and career building.

At any point this complex mix of factors can become troubling, stressful and or confusing. That is the point that Im guessing you’re at right now – searching for someone that can help guide you through some issues.

If thats the case, please have a look around this website or contact me directly to find out how I can help you.